About us


About us

VP Solutions is a leading information architecture and software engineering company that delivers enterprise integration and design solutions through professional and managed services. We provide cost-effective engineering and collaboration expertise to deliver an Integrated Architecture Framework that can be quickly applied to solve your organization's most complex problems. Customer satisfaction is the key focus in all our engagements. Here is how we can help you:

  • VP Solutions has expertise in delivering packaged and custom applications including ERP, e-Business and integration solutions. Our team of software engineers and business professionals have extensive experience delivering advanced application development and integration solutions for the Retail, Financial, Biotech and Healthcare Firms, and other organizations. Our engineers can be quickly deployed on a global basis to work on your mission critical applications and service offerings.

  • VP Solutions delivers high quality, cost-effective professional and managed services. Reducing operational expenditures while delivering comprehensive product offerings can dramatically increase efficiency and the bottom line. Our strategic and tactical solutions allow you to focus on your core business.

  • VP Solutions offers leading edge solutions that are unique, flexible, and scalable. With an eye on your bottom line and requirements, we create the customized solutions that work best for you. Our recommendations match business objectives to technology to create solutions that are scalable for future growth.


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